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Constructing Rape

What can the Scott Kuggeleijn rape case teach us about how we think about sexual violence?

New Zealanders love sport. Cricket and rugby are two sports in particular that are afforded considerable status and occupy a position of national prominence. However, while our professional athletes are revered for their impressive sporting talents, they don’t always all behave in exemplary ways, as some of the evidence presented in the recent trial of Cricketer Scott Kuggeleijn suggests.

The acquittal of Kuggeleijn on rape charges and the discourse surrounding the trial reveals a lot about how we think about sexual violence, the narratives that frame our societal understanding of it, and raises important questions for the future if we are to move toward a safer society for women in particular. Continue reading Constructing Rape

Rugby, Violence and Athletic Privilege

rugby-violence3We need to talk about NZ’s sporting cultures

Despite the numerous on-field successes for New Zealand rugby, the behaviour of some of its players and officials off the field has raised tough questions about our country’s sporting culture. Cases of violence towards others and mistreatment of women by some of New Zealand’s rugby players have led to limited repercussions. A national conversation regarding why these events occurred, and how they may be addressed, is long overdue.  Continue reading Rugby, Violence and Athletic Privilege